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2022-08-16 04:53:29

Gold, silver down amid weak China economic news, bearish outside markets

2022-08-13 02:43:13

Gold price posts fourth weekly gain, but Wall Street split between bulls and bears - Kitco's gold price survey

2022-08-11 05:37:25

Gold, silver gain a bit amid slightly tamer U.S. inflation data

2022-08-11 05:37:24

Gold, silver gain a bit amid slightly tamer U.S. inflation data

2022-08-09 02:52:44

Gold, silver boosted by falling USDX, U.S. bond yields, rising oil

2022-08-06 05:41:22

Gold Survey Wall Street on the sidelines in gold market as blockbuster NFP raises calls for Fed to hike 75 basis points in September

2022-07-30 06:13:47

The Federal Reserve's slight shift in monetary policy will drive bullish momentum in gold price next week

2022-07-29 05:09:36

Gold and silver are 'underpriced' going into summer's end – MKS

2022-07-28 17:46:57

Gold stages a relief rally after the Fed announces a 3/4% rate hike

2022-07-24 08:05:12

Sentiments points to bounce in gold price next week but might not be sustainable

2022-07-20 14:09:02

Gold, silver near steady; new fundamental inputs awaited

2022-07-16 06:52:15

Bearish sentiment points to gold price falling below $1,700 next week

2022-07-13 21:22:16

Gold price sells off as U.S. CPI runs very hot

2022-07-09 06:26:12

Gold prices may see a short-term bounce next week, but sentiment remains depressed

2022-07-08 05:35:39

Gold, silver see tepid short covering in bear markets

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